Explanation of the site of Fiverr

Working on the Internet like any other business needs to invest some time and effort as well as some experience and professionalism, but sometimes investing a small amount of money may save you a lot of effort and time, for example if you are a blogger and want to create a new blog or blog or blog To publish some topics, this blog will need a logo for example or to some designs that need experience in Photoshop but you are an expert in blogging and not in Photoshop, of course will not take lessons and courses in Photoshop in order to learn how to design a logo for your blog, A professional with this job is paid for, and you will get a logo A professional for your site and will start posting topics.

I will give you another example, for example, if you create an application or a game of Android, either by RISK-IN or programming from scratch, you may be proficient in this area but when you want to publish the application to the application store you will need an attractive and professional icon and you will also need to describe your application professionally written, If you have application programming skills, this does not mean you have skills in writing descriptions or in designing icons, so you can rely on other people who have great skills in these areas.

In order to find people with skills in different fields and you can trust and rely on them, there are some sites that organize this process, so Freelancers offer their jobs and services on these sites, to choose the service you need from thousands of services offered , And you can also request some special services if you do not find them among the services offered.

One of the most famous sites in the world is the site of Fiverr

You can get a professional logo for your site, translation, design, programming or marketing services and hundreds of services for only $ 5 per service. For example, if you want to start a project, New on the Internet you can launch your project in a short time based on the free services sites that will help you in the design and programming and anything else you want, and thus you will gain more time and you will receive professional services will make your project successful.

In this lesson I will explain how to register in the site Fiverr and how to browse the services displayed on the site, and is a simple and very easy to navigate:

Log in to the site via this link: 👇👇

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Click “join” at the top.
Enter your e-mail and press “Continue”.
Select a user name and password then press “JOIN”.
Check your e-mail and you will find a confirmation message from Fiverr. Open the message and click on the confirmation link.
You can complete your personal information by hovering over your username at the top right of the page and clicking “My Profile” in the menu that appears.

Now you can browse the services you want or search by entering the search words in the search box at the top, when you enter the service you will find information about the service, examples and samples of the service, you can order the service by pressing “Proceed to Order” and then pay by your card Bank or through your PayPal account.

Now let me offer you an exclusive discount coupon after registering for the first time and purchasing the first service

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